wearing gloves at home

Using Nitrile Gloves at Home

Why Would You Use Nitrile Gloves at Home?

  • Chemicals – Sometimes in the home you need to use caustic cleansers or use other harsh chemicals that should not come in contact with your skin. Nitrile gloves are resistant to chemicals. This resistance makes them a great choice for home use.
  • Gardening – While gardening you can come into contact with fertilizers, insect repellents, and other substances that you don’t want on your hands. Thorns and yard debris can be difficult to pick up with your bare hands but nitrile gloves are more puncture resistant than latex gloves so they help keep your hands safe.
  • Home Repairs – Unclogging a toilet is a great example of a home repair that is made infinitely better by using disposable gloves that conveniently come with extended cuffs. Cleaning or repairing pipes or other dark grimy places is better when your hands are protected by disposable gloves. Even a job that isn’t gross like painting your living room is better with gloves since you won’t have to scrub your hands to remove the dried paint splatters.
  • Cooking – Like many people I did my share of food service. I learned many things while serving and preparing food but the one lesson that has stayed with me is, I don’t like touching food people will be eating with my hands. Clean hands and clean gloves cut down on the risk of food-borne illness. Another perk is, I never have to touch raw meat. My hands don’t smell like garlic or onions. I am not disinfecting my hands multiple times to avoid contamination since I can simply remove and toss the glove so the skin of my hands isn’t drying out. I honestly think if people try wearing disposable exam gloves in the kitchen they will not go back to the dark days of having to clean chicken guts from under their fingernails again.


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